C.A.T™ – Compact All-round Tent

kr 3,900

The Compact All-Round Tent (C.A.T™) is a lightweight, user friendly oneman-tent. It is designed for military operations, but it´s flexibility makes it an  excellent tent to bring along as an emergency shelter or bivouac for the hunter or outdoors person.

It´s straight forward designs let you put it up in less than a minute, and is suited for use in all climatic zones. The C.A.T™ is stormproof due to it’s design. The spiral goes all the way around your body, and that in combination with one of the cords secured to an anchorpoint will keep  the tent in place during strong wind.

The mosquito net has a fine mesh and keeps all kinds of bugs outside. Even the smaller sandflies. The mosquito-net can be removed by unzipping the YKK zipper.

Note! Some of the pictures are taken from our test period with our prototype. The C.A.T™ will come in a green color. Pantone 451U.

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